Thursday, February 07, 2002

Ah, yes. Thank you, Gary. I still beat you to the subject by four hours. No ZOG conspiracy to mock Wernie-Bernie Heisenbergalicious, nosireebob.

Yeah, I'm up late. I'm in pain. Pain Pain Pain. There's gotta be some way to cut off my body below the belly button so I can get some sleep. I hate back problems. Hate Hate Hate. And the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory that doesn't beat the poop out of the stomach wall lining that was supposed to work isn't doing it yet. AHHHH! I also hate the BBC being simulcast on WHYY-Philadelphia. I hate the color green, and I hate puppies. Kick the puppies. That oughta get some traffic, maybe a bit of hate-mail. Kick the puppies!

I really, really need to go to sleep.

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