Sunday, January 20, 2002

Just so Gary Farber doesn't faint from ignored despair, I blog him now. Go visit Gary's amygdala, and revel in the link-filled ditso-blatso Internet-fantasyland that Gary so kindly maintains. There's a comment I could make about the videos I watched in Jim Maas's* PSYCH 101 lecture, in which a cat had wires implanted in its tiny little table-spoon sized brain's amygdala. The poor thing got periodic shocks which excited it into a state of homicidal, self-abusive violent fury. But I only get that way when I listen to the BBC's coverage of the Middle-East. [jerk] And I used to think that Eric Shapiro, Honorary Little Yiddle Napoleon, was nuts for pushing the CAMERA and FLAME propaganda broadsheets into my adolescent hands. No longer. Bush House delenda est. [Especially since they cut shortwave broadcasting to North America and Australasia, apparently so that they could climb on the skyrocketing bandwagon of satellite digital radio, internet streaming audio, and local affiliate FM rebroadcast. Dumbasses.] About the BBC decision:I have several insert-a-coin-and-receive-rant-number-twelve calm lectures about the decline and fall of community radio, commercial classical radio, and the miserable butt-wipes at Pacifica (to whom I will not link, because I want them to be ignored, and I also hate Amy Goodman (I'm being oppressed! See the violence inherent in the Pacifica Foundation trustees) and Juan Gonzales.). I will not bore you with unabridged rant-12. It would be sufficient to observe that there are some forty million shortwave radios sold in the English speaking media markets of North America and Australasia in the last decade, and that saturation shortwave broadcast of the region cost several hundred thousand dollars per year. Audience potential: millions and millions. It's like the BBC found two insightly hairs on its hips, and proceeded, like Hermes, to shave its legs off. *(he's a famous, student-molesting Ivy-League psychologist; she's a wide-eyed first-year grad student with a passion for middle-aged Men of Power - together, they fight crime!)

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