Wednesday, January 02, 2002

I named this - my new log - after a clever little book of the same name by Uwe Pörksen, published by Penn State Press. The book was given to me by a good friend (the copy editor who vetted the English translation) because of my interest in the Taylorization and subversion of language. At the time, I was translating into English LTI: Notizbuch eines Philologen (Lingua Tertii Imperii: the Philologist's Chapbook) by a German-Jewish literary philologist named Victor Klemperer, who kept a private journal during his internment in Dresden during the Second World War. He tracked the changes in meaning of words, like fanatisch and phrases like Cleves, Workshop of Good Childrens’ Shoes; without Klemperer's research and diaries it would be that much harder to peek inside the Chinese room of German fascism. Words changed meaning there with unseemly political haste; so it is now. I should have started logging in September - in October when bombs began to fall - in January, when Eddie Haskell was inaugurated Presidente - at the precise moment in time that the words began their mutation of meaning, and the shibboleths of discourse changed their paths. So, I start now, midnight, January 2nd, year of palindromes and aerodromes.

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